Jun 18, 2008

Hand-dyed fabrics?

I both like and dislike hand-dyed fabrics. I like them and have used them, but I don't think they are appropriate for all patterns.
Too often I think the fabric takes away from the impact of the pattern due to the busy-ness of it; the pattern fades into the background. I'll see someone's finish of a pattern on hand-dyed fabric and I'm thinking, "I like the pattern and I like the fabric, but I don't like them together." But that's just me. I don't like pink either.
When I do use hand-dyed fabrics, I tend to prefer more muted colors, not the wild mixings of color as shown in the fabric sample above. I often see a color I like, but have no idea what I'd stitch on it. And I do like the wild color mixes, I just can't picture anything stitched on them. I wonder if just framing the fabric as a work of art in itself would work?
So for me, I'll continue to stitch on hand-dyeds on the rare occasion. But I'll still visit all the hand-dyed sellers and drool over their wares!
*FYI: the Knicker Knotter #3 post ranting about spelling errors was not directed at anyone commenting here. It was a general rant directed at writers everywhere who don't seem to have a handle on lose/loose. I must have run across lose/loose errors about 20 bazillion times that day thus prompting the rant. If you read this blog long enough, you'll find I have many grammar/spelling pet peeves, and I'll eventually post about most of them.


Rachel S said...

I rarely use them, because in general, they don't match right and they seem to be SOOO high-maintenance. Plus, I don't use hand-dyed floss usually on them--it just isn't an appealing look. I try to stay as normal colored as possible.

LoriRay said...

I love hand-dyed fabrics but don't use them on every projects. I must be loosing my mind! (BAHhahaha...sorry...I couldn't resist the "loosing" joke. It's a pet peeve of mine, to. HAH, I just did another one...to/too...LMAO ROTF) ;-)