Sep 12, 2008

ARRR! Avast!

I tried yesterday to post three times, but Blogger was being a pain. But today is a new day. ☺
Work on the house proceeds slowly. DH's spider bite is healing well and is no longer an issue. I haven't stitched in a month.
So I am in a stitchy mood (which I guess is better than a *itchy mood). While I don't have a huge wishlist like some stitchers, I do have one or two things on my list at a time (until they get acquired and get moved to my stash list).
I collect pirates (and they must be maimed - eye patch, peg leg - in some way in order to join my collection). I'd take a picture but all my pirates are in boxes in the P.O.D.S. right now. Anyway, I saw this great pattern by Bothy Threads of a cut-through pirate ship and it's now on my wishlist.
BTW, the word "avast" is a word used by sailors as a command to stop doing something or to ignore a previous order. It's the truth! I looked it up! Yeah, I'm weird like that; I actually own and use a dictionary.


Cyndi said...

I can't wait to see your progress on this piece. I want to do one of the Bothy Threads pieces, but haven't bought a pattern yet (it's either that or Shores of Hawk Run Hollow). The pirate piece looks like fun!

Jennifer said...

In high school, one of my teachers drilled into us that we should never read past a word we didn't know. To this day, I will still go look up words I don't know.

Rachel S said...

That is pretty cool!

Daffycat said...

That's such a cute design! Collecting pirates is very unique...I don't think I've ever known anyone that collected pirates!

Gloria said...

You NEED that chart. I would love to see your pirate collection. You could unpack those today, you know. :)