Sep 30, 2008

Gack. Snort. Sniff. Achoo! ACK!!

Sunday afternoon, DH and I spent time outdoors working in the yard. Well, DH worked in the yard, I caulked the outside of a door. Later, as we settled in to watch the Dallas Cowboys allow the Washington Redskins to beat them at home in Texas Stadium, we both had allergy/sinus attacks. Allergies and sinuses, ya gotta love 'em! After administering the appropriate OTC medications, we managed to survive the afternoon and evening.
Monday was not good. Sinuses are NOT your friend. Did you know that the only physiological purpose our sinuses serve is to make our skull lighter? Sinuses serve no other purpose except as a source of misery. Oh well.
DH said everyone at work was hacking, sneezing, snorting, blowing, and moaning; the lab sounded like a pulmonary ward. So basically, we got nothing done yesterday except survive. My brain refused to have anything to do with my sinuses, so it refused to connect. I tried to stitch yesterday but fell asleep in my chair. Not good.
But today is a new day. I found a new-to-me cross stitch website - Joyful Expressions. Most of the designs feature Bible verses. The designer has some very nice freebies. There are "Name Blessings" available with a name, name meaning, and a Bible verse that "fits" the name. She also will custom design your favorite verse in any Bible version for you. The designs are available for instant download in .pdf format. I thought the site was really cool and she uses bright and uplifting colors for the designs.
While I prefer to study and read out of the New American Standard version of the Bible, I've always memorized in the King James version, so most biblical things I've stitched are in King James.
Well, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, my primer paint on my door trim is dry, so I shall go slap on a paint coat!


Joyful said...


I discovered that you had posted really nice comments about my website Joyful Expressions!

For sharing such a complimentary blog, I would like you to chose any pre-designed chart on the site for a free download - sorry no Name Blessings...


Jennifer said...

I'll tell you what.... it was a sad, sad day in our house on Sunday too. The only thing that made the loss bearable was that the hated Philadelphia Eagles went down too.