Sep 9, 2008

Spider bite update

DH's spider bite gave us quite a scare. In all, he went to the doctor four times in seven days. He was put on strong antibiotics with two booster shots, along with a topical antibiotic. His hand "swoll up like a poisoned pup" and was very painful. Last Thursday night, he felt like "hammered poop" and had a fever until 3:30 a.m.
When he went to the doctor last Friday morning, the doctor sent him home from work and told him to keep his hand elevated and not to use it over the weekend. So no working on the house. I was at a loss as to what to do with a grumpy DH over the weekend. So we decided to drive up to Dallas to visit our relatives and get acquainted with our new nephew.
He is quite adorable and has the same kind of foot shape as his Auntie and great-grandfather. I was always told, "Oh, you have feet just like Papaw!" Yeah, well, I always wanted to give 'em back as they are a weird shape and are very wide. Not a problem if you are male, but they have been the bane of my existence since childhood - probably why I go barefoot so much as shoes rarely fit me. But I digress...
We had a nice visit with the family, and DH's hand is on the mend. Whee-e-o!! It is MUCH better. The doctor called DH on Monday and had him come in so he could check it. He said that if it wasn't better, then he would refer DH to a specialist. It was so he didn't.
I was going to post a picture of a spider for this post, but that would creep me out too much. I hate spiders. And I wouldn't want to creep out anybody reading the post either. So I posted a picture with the word "spider" in the title: "Spider's Egg Fractal."


Daffycat said...

Awww, hugs for DH! I'm shocked the bite caused all that...usually our spiders don't unless it's a fiddleback or widow! Do you know what bit him?

LoneStar said...

Hi Sharon,

No, we don't know what kind of spider bit him. The doctor said that all spider bites are treated basically the same. Because the venom causes death of the underlying tissue, the dead tissue becomes a perfect breeding ground for any of the numerous bacteria that commonly live on human skin. It's the secondary infection that usually causes the problems. DH's doctor cultured his bite and he had a staph infection (thankfully NOT MRSA!).

Lisa (Texan)

Gloria said...

Thank you for not posting a picture of a spider on your blog. I would run away and never come back!! LOL
I'm glad that your DH is recovering from that nasty bite. Hope it continues to heal well.

LoneStar said...

LOL, Gloria! It was you I was thinking of, my fellow arachnophobe! I had mental pictures of you jumping up from your computer and hurling the monitor 10 feet away while hollering at the top of your lungs. Then I had mental pictures of myself doing the same thing everytime I opened my blog and saw the post and spider picture. I decided to spare us the computer damage. ☺

Lisa (Texan)