Sep 22, 2008

Normal interruptions

If you've ever owned and worked on an older home, you know how the simplest project can turn into one that lasts several days. This happens to us frequently.
DH decided to replace the locks on our two outside doors. The house came with door locks, but they don't match or have the same keys. In fact, the kitchen door has no key, but we can lock it from the inside. Both doors are slated to be replaced, but not until we gut the den walls; a project pretty far down on the list at this point. However, we do have the replacement doors already purchased and painted.
Anyway, DH replaced the front door locks pretty quickly with only minimal muttering under his breath. When he went to do the kitchen door (which is a very "vintage" door), he found problems. As he removed the old lock, big chunks of wood began to fall off the door. Not good. So, he decided to go ahead and replace the door and frame with the new one. Of course, this made the project a two-day one instead of the hour or two anticipated (and was accompanied by much muttering and grumping).
Here is the not-quite-finished door from inside the kitchen.
Here is what it looks like from outside - the old door is on the left.
It will be finished up tonight, but right now, it looks pretty funny what with all of the expanding foam squishing out around the frame.
And no, I didn't get to stitch a lick this weekend. In fact, two ladies from my stitching group, were taunting me online. They went to a weekend stitching retreat and had a blast. They stitched, ate, had fun, had S.E.X. and e-mailed those of us still at home.

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