Sep 26, 2008

I'm a saint

I'm a saint. Most women would not put up with living the way I am right now, and today I am feeling VERY grumpy about it. Usually, I take the long view and visualize how great everything will be once we get a lot of the work done, but not today. I am a complete grouch. I'll get over it, but not until I find some chocolate. :-)
I will now proceed to list a few things that I am especially grumpy about. 1) My den is full of construction muck. It needs to be deep cleaned and I can't do that with the muck all about. DH needs to move his muck but that can't happen until a few other things get done. I can't put furniture in the den until it is deep cleaned and the muck is gone. 2) Ninety-five percent of my furniture is out in the P.O.D.S., including my stitching rocking chair (and my fabric and specialty floss). 3) I am sleeping on the floor on an air mattress. We still don't have the proper cover for our waterbed. It is on order. Again. 4) I don't have a "real" place to stitch even if I had time to. (And I can end my sentences with a preposition if I want to.)
Okay. I am done whining. For now.
I will now brag about my new stove. I have always lusted after kitchens with double wall ovens. My mom has one. They're really nice when you have guests or need to cook more than one thing. I also LOATHE cooking on electric burners - gas only for me. Well, when we were shopping for the stove, we came across a Jenn-Air stove that is a duel-fuel and has two ovens. The burners are gas, and the ovens (two!) are electric. And the bottom oven is convection - cooks faster! This configuration is actually the most fuel efficient and saves money. My stove is so cool! I just love it! Of course, I can only use the ovens right now as the propane tank has to be moved and a gas line run. I'm cooking on a borrowed hot plate. *sigh*

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Gloria said...

Yes, you are a saint. I don't know how long I could stand not having everything in order. Keep imagining that finished look and hang in there. I promise, someday it will all be worth it.
Love the new stove!