Sep 3, 2008

I'm back

Well, we got everything moved from the rent house by Sunday evening and we're now living in our new house. Whee-e-o!! Things went well and not so well.
The new water heater DH installed in the new house was faulty and we had no hot water until today. I was thankful that we at least had water, but cold showers - ACK!
When DH emptied our waterbed, he discovered mold in our soft-side cover. We had to find a local waterbed dealer and order a new cover. Apparently, this is a common occurrence with waterbeds in this area due to the humidity; it can be prevented but not corrected once it happens. We are sleeping on air mattresses until the new cover comes in. Whee.
DH got bit on the back of his hand between the first and second knuckles by a spider. He had to go to the doctor and his hand is sore and swollen. Whee.
My den is covered in construction clutter and will be until this weekend. ARGH!
When I tried to post earlier today, Blogger ate my post. ARGH!!


mark said...


I'm so sad that you won't be there next Sat. However, I have to tell you that these days...cold showers are ALL that I


Rachel S said...

Glad you are finally in. Looks great!