Sep 23, 2008

Please fence me in

Everyone that knows us knows that DH and I are tightwads. But sometimes, you just have to spend money to save money in the long run.
Our house came with a 84' x 95' square fence around the house. It is made of old oil well drilling pipe (which will last for centuries) that has been welded together and has 4' x 20' hog panels spot-welded to it. It is an extremely durable and long-lasting fence. There's just one problem. Hog panel comes in two mesh sizes. Ours is 8" x 6" and our little dog can scamper right through it. Not good. We're not the kind of country living pet owners who allow their dogs to run free. Ain't happening. I guess we could get a bigger dog, but we're rather attached to our small one.
So DH and I began investigating and mulling over ways to make the fence Emma-proof. We considered chicken wiring the bottom half. Very cost effective, really ugly, very hard to weed-eat around. We considered replacing all the hog panel with regular chain-link fencing. Fairly expensive and it won't fit the dimensions of the drill pipe fencing frame. We considered an electric fence charger. Not really cost-effective or viable due to the number of gates (4) in the fence. We considered horse panels. Cost effective, but ugly. Then we discovered the smaller mesh (4" x 4") hog panels. Not cheap, but much better looking and it will last forever. DH has a friend who will weld the new panels on once we get the old panels off.
It will make Emma very happy to have access to the yard again. She is used to having a dog door that she can go in and out of at will. Since we've been here, she's pretty much had to stay in the house except for when we let her out and closely supervise her. She does not come when called reliably off leash - typical of terriers.
Here is a picture of the fence. This was taken before we did any work on the house.
Here is Emma napping in her most lady-like pose. Not.


Daffycat said...

Wow! Dog porn!

Glad you don't let Emma out by herself...coyotes, I worry. The new fence panels sound just the ticket.

LoneStar said...

LOL, Sharon! Dog Porn!

Maybe I could sell pictures. She sleeps belly up like this about half the time.

Lisa (Texan)

Rachel S said...

Daffycat's right! Puppy porn.

What about getting a tie-out so she has some running room while you watch her?

LoneStar said...

Hi Rachel,

Tie-outs and Emma don't work. We tried one. She just sits and barks like a fiend while giving us "eat poop and die, vile human!" looks. So, we just go outside a lot with her. The new fence will be up by Oct. 11th (when the welder comes), and then she'll have her yard back and I won't be her personal door opener anymore. Yay!

Lisa (Texan)