Sep 16, 2008

Fighting withdrawal

First off, I have to say, "Way to go Cowboys! Y'all beat the Eagles 41-37! Yeehaw!"
Yesterday I couldn't stand it. I just HAD to stitch. My stitching rocking chair is in the P.O.D.S. The only other chairs in the house are metal folding chairs - not comfortable at all for stitching. I really don't have a place to set up to stitch in the house yet. I can find my stitching lamp, but with only the table base, not the rolling base. So I improvised!
I grabbed a lawn chair and an ice chest and made a stitching spot on our front porch with the help of a long extension cord. And I stitched the afternoon away! Whee-e-o!! I am a happy stitcher! I hope to repeat this action again this afternoon after I get some chores done. Maybe I'll even have a nice progress picture to post later this week! Whoohoo!


Rachel S said...

I was so glad that they won. It's hard enough to be a Cowboy fan in Redskin country, let alone one when they lose an important game. Guess Jessica was good to her word and didn't wear the pink Romo jersey.

Jennifer said...

And hard to be a Cowboys fan in Eagle territory. My husband had to close all our windows so the neighbors wouldn't hear me yelling at the TV and cheering on our Cowboys. (I've got too many friends who are Eagles fans for us to have lost this game again)