Jun 22, 2009

Back again

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth again. I was without an internet connection for several days.
I needed to connect my little netbook computer to the internet, and couldn't get my AT&T "air card" to work with it. The air card works fine on my desktop computer. I hadn't planned on ever connecting to the internet with my netbook. I bought it mainly to run my CPAP program. Well the program (which is a piece of crud on a good day) glitched itself and I needed to delete and then download a couple of programs to fix it. No such luck.
The phone geeks at the AT&T store couldn't get the air card to work, so they concluded it must be the netbook. So, I took it in to my computer guy and I had to leave the air card with him while he worked on it. Turns out, it was a glitch in the air card. *sigh* But he got it to working and I'll spend time today trying to get everything in order so the CPAP program will work again.
DH was a busy little beaver this weekend. Among other tasks, he got my cabinets put up. He'll make doors for them eventually. After he got them put up, I stuck this pile of stuff in them and also emptied out a small bookcase. I now have one less pile of stuff vexing me, and the old bookcase is off to the thrift store and out of the way. Whee-e-o!
A note from my stitching chair: I stitched a lot on "The Alamo" this weekend. While I wouldn't classify it as having a lot of confetti stitches, it does have lots of color changes. Sometimes I zone out trying to figure out what color to use next and where. But it's coming along. I'll post a picture on another day.

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Lynn D said...

I am so envious of your organizational skills!