Jun 4, 2009

My cabinets are home

DH and Billy got my office area cabinets all painted and DH brought them back home last night. Aren't they purty? No doors yet, but at least I'll have a place to put some things that are currently in stacked piles around the house. Piles vex me.
They will go over my computer hutch (which will be replaced by a custom-DH-made task/computer desk *sometime* in the future) in the office corner of our bedroom. Yes, that's my ironing board there. It has a nice home in the laundry room, but as I have very little work space on my computer hutch, I often use it as a desk.
DH would have put up the cabinets last night, but he was in a hurry to go to Madisonville and pick up a Shop Smith that a friend is giving away to him. Currently, these things cost $2999.00 new for the base model. DH has been drooling over and lusting after one for about 20 years, ever since he first saw one at a home show. Back then he didn't have any tools other than a cordless drill and a Skil saw, and there was no way we could afford one at the time. And no, we weren't about to put one on credit!
He has since acquired many tools, but his little ol' woodworkers heart still lusted secretly after the Shop Smith. Last week, Will called and asked if DH would like to have it. He and his wife had been cleaning out their garage. Will bought the Shop Smith about seven years ago and has never used it or even had parts of it out of the boxes. Will decided he would never ever use it and wanted the garage space instead. So he called DH who practically fell over himself while saying that yes! he'd be happy to have it and give it a good home. Thanks Will!
DH brought it home and spent about an hour puttering with it. Actually, he's having a hard time finding space for it in his shop. As soon as he gets the new bathroom finished, he needs to spend some time in his shop getting it organized again.
He's very excited about the Shop Smith. It has a lathe, disc sander, and drill press, tools DH doesn't have yet. I may even play on the lathe as it was my favorite machine to work with back in high school when I took shop class (I told you I wasn't a normal woman!).
A note from my stitching chair: I've been really enjoying stitching on "The Alamo." Even though it has lots of color changes, it's fun. I'll post a picture of my progress soon when there's more of it.


Cindy F. said...

Cabinets look awesome!

I gotta tell dh about your dh's gifted Shop Smith! or maybe I'd better not. It may remind him how much he wants one! WOW!! That was an awesome thing for your friend to give him!

Rachel S said...

The cabinets look wonderful! yay!

Great find on that shop Smith!

mark said...

Hey you!

We need an update!!! How's it going with the house...how's Emma..how far have you progressed with "The Alamo".