Jun 15, 2009

A workin' weekend

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I was a little under the weather all last week and didn't feel like getting on my computer or stitching much.
But all is well and I'm back among the living and the blogging. And I stitched some yesterday and plan to stitch more today.
DH had grand plans for finishing the window redo on the addition, and then getting my cabinets put up over the weekend. Of course, the windows conspired to keep this from happening. DH did get the windows finished (YIPPEE!!), but the cabinets are still on the floor and not on the wall. They'll get put up some night this week.
Here are some pictures of DH working hard on the last two windows out in our Texas summer heat. We go through lots of Gatorade in the summer.
Our house definitely looks weird right now; a new addition attached to the ratty-looking original structure. But it will all match eventually. After we get the new bathroom finished and get the HVAC installed, we'll probably gut part of the outer wall on the back of the house next to the new addition.
We'll replace the two large windows with slightly smaller ones while moving them closer together, and add a door between the middle large window and the vertical white board over the hanging pile of old garden hose. This will be our back door. And when we gut it, we'll insulate it properly and cover it with Hardi-plank on the outside to match the addition. We'd like to add a deck out there at some point.
The part of the back of the house from the vertical white board and on to the left with the little window will remain as is for now. That is our kitchen area and we plan to rip that end of the house off completely and rebuild it. Eventually.
Oh, and while DH was wrestling with windows, I was out manning the riding and push mower. I've got a good start on my usual redneck summer tan. (Yes, I use sunscreen.) I am tan on my arms between my gloves and short sleeves, and my legs are tanned between the bottom of my shorts and the tops of my socks. No, I don't care that I have tan lines.


Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Those are really nice windows...when I had my new windows put in about 4 years ago I was so excited and i got to watch the guys put them in too. I still love my windows. I have new windows all the way around my entire house.

mark said...

Y'all are such an inspiration! Doing good girl!

Don't worry about the redneck tan...I think I have you beat!..lol.

Glad you're better, as I was a little bit worried.


Daffycat said...

Wow, the house is looking great!

Gotta love redneck tans...I've got one doozie of a white strip where my watch goes, lol!

Cindy F. said...

I hear redneck tans are very stylish now;)

Nice job on the windows! You've already gotten alot done on your house and your future plans sound awesome! When the house is finished and the deck is built, what will dh do with all those power tools? Hmmmm....maybe a yard sale??...lol...
I'll just tell my dh to keep dreaming;)

Rachel S said...

Love the progress y'all are making, and I admire you! I love the windows. Does that end of the house get lots of light?

Gloria said...

I'm glad you re-appeared. I thought we needed to either organize a search party or offer a reward for your return. Since there is no money for a reward, and it's so dang hot to be out searching, I'm glad that you are back. ;-)

Love to see pictures of your progress. I didn't see supervisor/inspector Emma. She must have been inside supervising you.