Jun 23, 2009

It's hotter in Texas

I love summer. I love the heat. There's a reason I live in the south. It's that time of year again, hot, hot, and hotter. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees today.
When I read blogs or message boards, I always roll my eyes at the northerners who complain about the heat in the summer. Today I read of a person who was "sweltering" as it was supposed to get up to 83 degrees where she lived. Eighty-three degrees is a balmy day down here where I live.
Of course, when the temperatures dip below 60 degrees, then I start whining. And I guess the northerners can look down their noses at me! There's no way I could live up north. I only tolerate snow if I'm skiing on it. And I'd have to wear shoes for a lot more of the year. ACK!
DH and I are playing summer softball. There's a heck of a difference in playing at 6:30 p.m. as opposed to playing later in the evening once the sun goes down. I think I sweated out two quarts of Gatorade last night. And we won our game!
Here's a picture of my "The Alamo" WIP. I don't think you can tell much from it yet. But here it is anyway.


Rachel S said...

I am with you. It's summer. It's supposed to be hot. That's why we have swimming holes and fans. I would rather be hot than cold. It's been cool here, and I feel badly for people who go to the beach for vacation. They paid money to be cold.

mark said...

Here in Austin, we're have triple digits and will for a long time. Also, no rain! Yep, I can relate to northern people complaining about the heat which is NO WAY like ours. Little whiners...lol. And like you, when it get below 60...I'm cold.

Your "Alamo" is really coming along!


Lynn D said...

I wish I could love the heat but I absolutely hate it. The heat is about the only thing I don't love about the South. I'm much happier when it is below 60, with 45 degrees being perfect.

Cindy F. said...

Ha! I am so with you on the weather!
I hate the cold! If it gets 50, I'm in thermals!! harder for me to get warm than cool.
Wish I could go barefoot, but these darned scorpions are crazy this year!

Great progress on the Alamo:)