Jun 28, 2009

Fourth of July Quaker freebie finish

As promised, here is a picture of my finished Fourth of July Quaker freebie. I stitched it on Charles Craft tea-dyed Monaco with GAST Presidential Blue, Cranberry, and Picket Fence. I'll finish it as a door knob hanger.
DH is out in the heat in our woods erecting a new tree stand for hunting next fall. He spent one evening last week using the riding mower to mow paths through the woods. He was very proud that he found and mowed over the paths already made by wildlife. He is having to use his new chainsaw to remove a dead tree before the new stand can go in a nearby live tree, so he is doubly happy. Or maybe he is simply getting heat stroke.
No cross-stitcher would go outside to do anything in 104 degree heat, even in the shade. Man hobbies are mysterious.


Cindy F. said...

Lisa! I LOVE it!! I've printed this one and I've got to stitch it too!
You did a beautiful job! Congrats!!

Your dh and my dh are so funny with their toys!! He gets to hunt in the woods behind your house?? Hey, maybe he could come and lower the deer population in our neighborhood!!
But don't tell me how he does it....I did watch Bambi when I was little;)

Lynn D said...