Jun 30, 2009

A LOL cat and dog

Sorry, ladies, a full CrockPot and a two+ hour trip to Austin is not conducive to my sanity. Have you ever had a full CrockPot turn over in your vehicle and spill everything out on the floor? I have. And for years afterwards my truck smelled like Spinach Meatball Soup whenever the weather was hot - about ten months out of the year. So no Chicken Tetrazzini in the CrockPot, but I will bring the recipe!
If you haven't discovered the LOL cats and dogs websites, you're missing a lot of laughs. Click for cats, and for dogs.
Rachel, this one is for you. It's also in memory of my pitbull Bailey, a doofus of a dog if there ever was one.
Gloria, when I saw this one, I knew it was for us. I'm sure this kitty knows how to do a FULL BODY SHUDDER.


Gloria said...

The LOL cat is hilarious! Even small spiders make me hurt myself (and/or destroy something).

Sorry about the crockpot disaster. I have made a few of those. Around here, we call it "making a memory" because it's something we won't soon forget.

Rachel S said...

That is fantastic! LOL.

Cindy F. said...

HA!! Cat and Dog too funny!

Hey, I had milk leak from a grocery trip once....and you know how fast milk can sour in the Texas heat?!!
GROSS!! Rather smell your Tetrazzini!..lol...ok, well i guess that's a "no" then for being test guinea pigs:(

Love Gloria's sayings..."full body shudder" and "making it a memory"...too good!