Jun 3, 2009

A decent weekend

Our trip up to Dallas was mostly uneventful.
We always stop in Ennis to go to Braum's to get mint chocolate chip shakes. We don't have a Braum's here in Aggieland. DH decided to stop in Corsicana instead of Ennis. I told him as he exited that I thought there was a reason we never stopped in Corsicana. After driving two miles into town through numerous stoplights with lots of Friday evening traffic, DH remembered why. :-) When we finally got to the Braum's, they were out of mint chocolate chip ice cream. So we ended up stopping in Ennis anyway.
While in Corsicana, we stopped at HEB and I got several cans of the smelliest wet dog food I could find. Emma normally only eats dry dog food (better for her teeth). But she thinks wet dog food is a treat and we were able to hide her pills in it and entice her to eat some mixed in with her dry dog food. She is feeling much better. She was a little inactive and clingy over the weekend, but she is back to her normal ADHD self now.
My parents' 50th celebration went well. They and another couple have nearly the same anniversary date, so they decided to celebrate together. Anyway, my SisIL and Bro hosted a potluck dinner at their house and around 10 or so couples came to the celebration. Most of them had been friends with my parents and the other couple for over 50 years! Wow!
My making the cross stitch piece I stitched for them into a scrapbook page was a hit. My mom really liked the scrapbook and plans to put all the pictures from the potluck in it, along with pictures from their 50th anniversary trip (after they take it some time this summer, if they can ever agree on where to go and how).
My nephews were fun as always. DN#1 is 6 1/2 years old now and relishes being a big brother. DN#2 is about 10 months old. He is a lot more laid back than big brother. Big brother is a people person and talks a lot; he loves to be the center of attention. Little brother is quieter and likes to watch people. I got to hold DN#2 a lot as he is more happy with ladies than men right now. Dad is okay, but strange men are not. This included his Paka (my dad) and his uncle (DH).
During the potluck, all of the folks tried so hard to get DN#2 to come to them so they could hold him, but he would have none of it. It was Mom, Auntie, or Dad.
And yes, my Bro and SisIL have allowed eclectic names for their parents. Instead of grandma and grandpa or mammaw and papaw, they let DN#1 name my parents, hence Mingie and Paka. No, we have no idea how or why he decided on those names. My SisIL's parents are called Namei (nay may) and Bubu (booboo) which are Papua New Guinean for grandma and grandpa. My SisIL's parents were missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators to Papua New Guinea (PNG). She herself was raised there and speaks one of the native dialects.
I made the mistake of calling SisIL's dad "Bobo" instead of "Bubu" when I was first figuring is all out. The poor man quickly corrected me. Apparently "bobo" is a very obscene word in the PNG dialect. Oops.
I'll leave you with a picture of Emma's food bowl with all her "friends" gathered around. She has to have at least one toy near her bowl while she eats, preferably all three. Occasionally, she'll try to stick one of the toys IN the food bowl. Silly dog.


mark said...

I swear Emma is so cute. I wish Shilo loved his toys as much. However, it's "I gotta tear them up!" frame of mind.

Congrats to your parents.


Cindy F. said...

Congratulations to your parents! 50 years is a very big accomplishment...especially in this crazy day and age!
Glad Emma is doing well and that is just too darn funny about her toys around her bowls! Our Lizzie has to put all her toys in one place, but she knows them all by name.