May 18, 2008

DH was REALLY a home-moaner

Yesterday, we went out to the new house to begin work on it. It had tenants in it previously, and the former owner didn't remove any tenant "residue." So we have a lot of heavy cleaning to do among other things. The former owner also turned off the water at the main.

Now, if you've ever lived in an older rural home, you know the joys of finding out all the little idiosyncrasies of said home, especially when the home is outside city limits and city building codes don't have to be followed. DH spent about an hour looking for the water main valve. The former owner told him it was in the "corner near the fence." He just didn't say which corner and which fence. DH finally found it but only after he cut the snot out of two of his fingers looking in the wrong place. Of course, there was not a band-aid to be found. So we went home.

One of the cuts probably could have used a stitch, but it was across a knuckle which would have been difficult anyway. So, I just butterfly band-aided it and made DH tape his finger to a popsicle stick for 24 hours so he wouldn't bend it and pull the cut open. Of course, we didn't have any medical or athletic tape, so we used duct tape. Then we went off to Lowe's to buy needed supplies. Did I mention that this was DH's middle finger?


george said...
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CraftyT said...

Sounds like there will be many memories in this "new" house. :)

We just purchased our first home and I look forward to all the things that come along with home owner ship.

So far already we have had all the spickets hooked to out well on our property burst this winter.

Had to call the old owner to locate the main shut off valve LOL

Fun times :)
Good luck!


TinaTx said...

Okay - I'm not laughing because your hubby cut his finger, but I'm LOL at the duct tape. That is so something that would happen here - which is really funny when you are married to a paramedic! Said paramedic also says I wouldn't injure that middle finger so often if I didn't keep it sticking out all the time.
Hope the finger is all healed by now.