May 24, 2008

I hate it when...

...I run out of paint before I run out of project. Since DH hates painting with a passion, I am painting the bare wooden floor of his shop. I a-l-m-o-s-t got it primed today, but ran out of paint. Phooey.

We spent the day out at the new house. DH began work on gutting the bedroom down to the studs before the contractor comes out in about ten days to start the addition to it. Here are before and after pictures of the back wall where the addition (a closet and bathroom) will go:

I stitched about one row of grass (DMC 503) on my "Texas Longhorn." At this rate, I'll be finished with it by December.

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Hi! I'm Michelle said...

I feel so at home in these photos! LOL It's gonna be great!