May 25, 2008

Summer is here

Our new house has only window units for air conditioning (AC), and only one works. We haven't been using it while we've been out there working. And DH's shop has no AC either (yet). So after spending all day sweating like the proverbial pig, we came home, showered and went to bed early only to discover that the AC in the rent house was dead. *SIGH*
After a sweaty night, DH went over and told our landlord this morning about the dead AC and he got someone on it right away. Our landlord lives in the house to the west of us, and the AC guy lives to the east. The AC guy said the only reason he came out on a Sunday on Memorial Day weekend was that he didn't have to drive to the job and he likes our landlord. (And I got to stitch more grass in my "Texas Longhorn" design while it was being worked on.) Anyway, it's fixed and we're cool.
So, we went off the the new house, and worked and sweated like pigs again until supper time. DH ripped down the ceiling in the bedroom and bagged up six trash bags full of old, torn, damp fiber glass insulation. YUCK! I'm very thankful for a DH who will tackle nasty jobs without a whine or a whimper. He says he's glad he has a wife who will paint just about anything without a whine or a whimper.
Here is DH's shop. The yellow/white color scheme is what we will use for the exterior of our house as we get it renovated.

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Hi! I'm Michelle said...

The shop looks great! My DH calls that "Man Land". LOL!! I love the color.

I sure wish we lived near y'all! I swear we live parallel lives... even have the same morons for previous installers. :)

Glad the AC is fixed. It's as vital as refrigeration.

The new house is gonna be great! Congratulations!