May 28, 2008

Ippity Blippity Bleepin' BOVINES!

We love our new property. It is a beautiful country setting. We're surrounded on all sides by pastures. However, these pastures contain...COWS! We have a pond at the back of our acreage that is apparently very attractive to cows. So attractive that they have pushed down the fence to get to it. This results in cows all over our property and LARGE AMOUNTS OF COW PATTIES.
In Texas, the livestock owner is responsible for maintaining the fencing in order to keep his livestock on his own property. So...we had to chase down the property owner. He no longer works the cattle as he is elderly and lives in Houston, but his nephew oversees his cattle. His nephew has a day job. So the nephew sent out his handyman (another elderly gentleman) to check it all out. Turns out the handyman lives down the road and is a neighbor. And the fence will be fixed this weekend.
In the meantime, I'm still chasing cows off our front lawn and watching where I walk. :-)


LoriRay said...

Sorry, but your post made me think of that song "Cow Patty". LOL!

Watch yer step, woman! ;-)

Rachel S said...

If you would like, I have a very large border collie/Rottweiler mix who LURVES to herd her some cattle that you may borrow til the fence gets fixed. She isn't quite great on the finer points of being a herding dog, but what she lacks in ability, she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Gloria said...

Wow, free fertilizer!
Hope Emma learns to avoid the patties. LOL

mark said...

Hey Lisa,

I was thinking the same as Gloria--free fertilizer!!