May 12, 2008

Doors and a WIP

I never seem to have time on the weekends to post. Oh well. DH and I spent most of Saturday price comparing doors/storm doors for the "new" house. Besides our Lowe's and Home Depot, we found a place called Surplus Warehouse. My tightwad heart beats rapidly at any store with "Surplus" in the name. Indeed, we found doors were cheapest there. The storm door, however, will be purchased from Home Depot. DH wanted some new-fangled features and Home Depot had the best price on a storm door with the newest-fangled DH-pleasing features.

I did get some time to stitch on "Texas Longhorn." I got the longhorn stitched. And lest my Aggie friends think I have lost my mind and gone over to the burnt orange side, let me assure you that I think of the longhorn as a Texas steer; it is not a longhorn with a capital "L." There is not a speck of burnt orange in this design. I wouldn't have bought it if there was, much less stitched it! GIG 'EM!


Daffycat said...

Hey it's looking very cow-ish! I really like the colors.

I'm puzzling what new features the new storm doors could have. I must go check out Lowes soon!

LoriRay said...

Well, I was impressed that you aren't a Longhorn fan but then you had to go and be an Aggie. I am so disappointed.

;-) *hee hee*

Sic' em, bears!