May 7, 2008

My kingdom for my fabric!

Well, the serger at DH's work was broken. I was gonna have him just bring the fabric home, but Georgia-the-quilting-lady offered to take it home with her and serge it. So hopefully, I'll get it tonight.

Georgia is one of the "office ladies" at DH's work. She is an avid quilter but hates to cross-stitch. I'm an avid cross-stitcher but I hate to quilt. We both enjoy looking at the fruit of the other's labor. I stitch a Christmas ornament every year for the annual company Christmas dinner and Wacky Gift Exchange. Georgia loves these and goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure she ends up with the ornament. And, when our IH35 Stitchers group needed a bunch of cross-stitched squares made into a special quilt for one of our members, Georgia took care of that for us. So unless one of her cats gets my fabric, or DH leaves it on his bench, I will be able to start a new project tonight!

It's really painful to have something all kitted up and ready to go, but not have the fabric. I didn't want to start something else, so I just whined a lot and DH took me out to Lowe's to look at plumbing fixtures. That helped some.

Here's what I'll be starting, "Texas Longhorn" by Redbird Designs:


Daffycat said...

Cute new project! I can't wait to see your progress.

CraftyT said...

I love the new project. Hey I was at Micheal's Craftstore today and I saw this Bandana ribbon I though it would love perfect with your DH's stocking.
If I get back there this week and they still have some I'll pick some up and send it to you.It was really cute

Rachel S said...

That is really pretty

LoneStar said...

Thanks for the comments y'all!

Natasha, I saw the bandanna ribbon at Michael's, too, and really liked it - bought some for my stocking. DH, however, wants the stocking to be all Texas Tech. Thanks for offering to send me some.