May 6, 2008

Yeehaw! I finished DH's "Bandanna Stocking!"

Yippee-skippy! I finished DH's "Bandanna Stocking" last night. I was all ready to start a new project but didn't have the fabric. DH serges my fabric for me at work, and he was really busy yesterday and didn't have time. I could have over-edged it on my sewing machine, but that's hard to do when the fabric is still at work on DH's bench. Hopefully, I'll get the serged fabric and be able to start "Texas Longhorn" by Redbird Designs tonight.

I hope to find time to actually finish this into a stocking before we move. I have some Texas Tech fabric to back and line it with. Who would have thought I'd find Texas Tech fabric in the heart of Aggieland? But I did indeed find it at Hancock when it went out of business here last year (one block from A&M!).

Anyway, here's the stocking:


Cyndi said...

OMG this is cool. I find your blog via LoriRay's, and then find out that you went to Tech (or at least use Tech fabric....). I graduated from Tech in '79, but haven't lived in Lubbock for years! Do you have any Tech-related patterns? Would you like one that I got at the Ranching Heritage Museum that says "Cotton Country" on it?

LoneStar said...

Hi Cyndi,

My DH is the Texas Tech graduate ('83). I'm an Aggie fan (A&M's sister school, TWU '83). Mixed marriages do work. :-)

I had one Tech pattern (big red double T) that I stitched for DH, but I traded it to a friend after I stitched it.

I got the pattern at Aggieland Depot ( as they carry a few other Texas colleges besides A&M.