May 17, 2008

Yeehaw! We're "home-moaners" again!

Surprisingly, the closing on our house went off yesterday without a single hitch. Perhaps it's because none of the bank monkeys were in attendance. As DH likes to say, "We're 'home-moaners' again!" It was sad saying goodbye to our realtor as we've been "together" for nearly a year and a half. On the other hand, the poor man might've been glad to at long last get rid of us!

I haven't put a single stitch in my current WIP in three days, so I haven't any progress to show or report. So, I'll post another picture of Emma. This one is of her and my DH loafing on the couch together.


Gloria said...

YIPPEEEE! Glad to hear it! "Home-moaners" ...LOL
I will be watching for remodel updates. I am excited for you.

Daffycat said...


LoriRay said...

I love your "home-moaners" expression. LOL! Congrats!

That picture of your DH and dog is cute. :)

Chiloe said...


First time on your blog. I love your texas stitching. I have an Emma too but she's a real little girl !!! lol