Oct 25, 2009

A bathroom update

DH got the tub surround grouted yesterday. Now he just has to let it dry a day or two before giving it a final cleaning and applying grout sealer.
After finishing the grouting, DH laid out the floor tiles to make sure everything would fit correctly. Next, he pre-cut all the tiles and then went hunting for the evening. He saw deer, but nothing he could legally shoot.
This afternoon, he is actually laying the floor tile; it's going ALOT faster than the tub surround! He hopes to get finished before the Cowboy game starts.


Daffycat said...

It really looks fantastic! I love the color of your accent tile.

Lynn D said...

I'm in awe of the talent and industriousness in your family! The tile looks wonderful!

Mary said...

Can I have your husband for a few days??!!

You are so lucky to have such an industrious guy!


Marion said...

Looking great!!! I wish my DH were as industrious!!
Take care