Oct 26, 2009

Somebody throw me an oar...

Landsakes it is soggy here! We had about three inches of rain last week and the ground is very saturated. And it's been raining all day today. We are literally sitting in water here. And our septic system is overwhelmed. Low-flow toilets don't flush too well when that happens. I know, TMI.
This is looking out a back window. Yeah, DH left his shovel outside in the rain. And that's a big stick, not a snake, so don't panic.
This is looking out a side bedroom window into our neighbor's pasture, which is about 10 feet from the side of our house.
On a pleasant note, DH did get the bathroom floor tiled, but not in time for the Cowboy game as he ran out of mortar with one and a half rows of tile to go. So we had to make an emergency Lowe's run into town. After buying the mortar, we made it home in time for the start of the game's second quarter.
DH had to decide between finishing the floor and hunting (and missing the Cowboy game), or finishing the floor and watching the Cowboy game (and foregoing hunting for the evening. The Cowboy game won out, and they did, too! They appear to be playing better!
Here's the finished floor with the little white tile spacers still in place.
It still needs grout, but at least it is down. Once it and the tub surround are grouted and sealed, I'll have to get my paint roller out and paint. Progress is slow, but sure.


Daffycat said...

If the animals start pairing up, head for the hill.

Curious...why is the bath tub covered in blue tape?

Gloria said...

All the tile looks great. Your DH has done a beautiful job.

Hope all that water dries up before the skeeters start hatching.