Oct 30, 2009

Texas weather and a good book

Yesterday had to be one of the weirdest weather experiences I've had in years. (At least it was weird for Texas; I've still not forgotten the day in Wichita, Kansas that began with sun and temperatures in the 70's and three hours later it was 30 degrees and snowing.)
The day started off in the 70's with clouds and intermittent torrential rain showers. So I opened the doors and windows to get the nice breeze and rainy air smell in the house.
Then the rain stopped and the temperatures climbed up into the low 80's. So I closed the doors and windows and turned on the air conditioners.
Then the sun came out and it got hotter; mid 80's. Next, it clouded up again and sprinkled. Then the sun came out and the temperatures started dropping. By the time DH got home, it was in the upper 60's. So we opened the doors and windows.
By the time it got dark, it was rapidly approaching the low 50's, so we shut the doors and windows and turned on the heater. Then it started to rain again. Fall in Texas - an adventure!
I stitched about 15 stitches yesterday before life called me away. I also read a great book this week. Y'all may remember the pilot that landed his crippled airplane in the Hudson River last year; everyone aboard survived. He recently published an autobiography with his account of the event. It was a very good read.

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