Oct 7, 2009

A Christmas finish

Well I finished a little tuck ornament for the IH35 Stitchtogether ornament exchange in December. And I can't post a picture of it until after December 5th so y'all are gonna have to wait to see it.
It's darn cute. Really. It's adorable.
Here's a picture of the miniature rose plant that DH gave me for our 22nd anniversary this past weekend. He surprised me! I love flowers but I'm always sad that they die so quickly. So DH gave me a live plant. Hopefully I can keep it alive until next spring when I can plant it in our yard somewhere.
And yes, that's a still unfinished window in our bedroom. DH screwed a board onto the bottom plate as this is a nice sunny south-facing window. The sun is fading all those bright pink 2 x 4s - now they're just faintly pink. Hopefully the rose will like its new home.


kimstitch3 said...

well darn, I wanted to see your new finish. the flowers are pretty too though. TAke care,Kimberly

Gloria said...

You can let us peek at your finish. We won't tell. :-)

Beautiful roses. Hope they do well for you.

Cindy F. said...

Happy 22 years together you two!!
WOW!! That's pretty darn awesome, considering neither of you look old enough to be married that long.

Beautiful rose plant from dh!!