Oct 28, 2009

Recipe redo

Why is there blue tape all over our new bathtub? Well, after trying to explain/nag/remind/scold/cajole/whine/fuss to DH about how proper prepping can save time cleaning up after a job, he actually remembered to prep the bathtub to prevent chips and dings and make clean up easier. He lined it with cardboard and taped it with blue tape as it's easier to remove than duct tape (don't ask).
I haven't stitched much the last couple of days as I've been working on getting my recipes reorganized and recopied. My old 3x5 recipe box was bursting at the seams. I decided to go with 4x6 index cards in two little index card binders that I found at Office Depot. I tried typing the recipes in MS Word and printing them out neatly using my laser printer on special index card paper, but it smeared too easily. So...I'm recopying all my recipes in my lousy handwriting with a lot of my weird abbreviations. I'm just about done (FINALLY).
My abbreviations will make it hard for anyone to read my recipe cards unless they know medical abbreviations and are a member of my family. For instance, when my Papaw wrote letters to people he always wrote "N2" for "into." Don't ask me why. I use it when writing recipes to save space as I like to get all of the recipe on the front of the card.
I also had a bunch of recipes jotted down on scrap paper or printed out off the Internet that I needed to get on index cards. They were stuffed willy-nilly inside my recipe books. I've been working all week and have a major case of writer's cramp. And I think I've used a gallon of Liquid Paper.
After I get the recipes finished, I'll get out my sewing machine for a bit as I have a couple of things to make for my nephews. LoriRay rehomed some fabric when she graced us with her presence at a recent IH35 Stitchtogether. I got some fabric with cars all over it and a fabric panel to make soccer ball pillows. I have enough of the car fabric to make my oldest nephew a topper for his bedroom window.

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Daffycat said...

Ooooo, I am just thrilled with that car fabric! Wonderful for window toppers!

I HATE having to flip recipe cards over! My box needs redoing again by now. Good for you doing this, it's so handy in the long run!