Oct 8, 2009

Quick! Before it rains again...

It was supposed to be mostly cloudy today and maybe rain. Instead, the sun came out (mostly) this morning. As the grass is up to my armpits, I jumped on the riding mower and hit the lawn.
I only got the mower stuck in one of the hidden ruts by the driveway once. Our driveway has tons of ruts by it and when the grass gets real high I can't see them and drive right in them and get stuck. The mower is too heavy for me to push out of a rut. I usually get DH, but he is at work.
And to top it off, DH has the truck today, so I had to use the Jetta to unstick the mower. Apparently, German engineers see no reason to have a towing hook under the back or front of their cars. So I tied the rope around the window frame and pulled the mower out that way.
Then I went to mow the front inside-the-fence lawn with the push mower. It wouldn't start so DH will have to work on it this weekend. And it's supposed to rain two inches tomorrow. We may have to put a GPS transponder on the dog as we're losing her in the high grass in the yard.
On a stitching note, I usually don't buy things that require buttons. I'm just not a big button fan. However, while at the stitching retreat a few weekends ago, I saw this really cute shop model of "The Boys Are Back in Town" which is a pattern put out by JABC that is free if you buy the buttons for it. And the buttons just make this pattern! Here's a picture of it:
This picture is kind of small; you can see a bigger one here.
Well, I thought the pattern was just too darned cool to pass up, even though I'm not normally a big Halloween fan. So I bought the button pack and was given the free chart. When I looked at the chart, I realized it called for Weeks Dye Works fabric in 30 count. I'm not a big Weeks fan (although they have great colors in their fabric and floss) as they are not colorfast and I wash everything I stitch.
It also calls for GAST, Crescent, and Weeks floss with no DMC conversion, and a Kreinik ribbon that is hard to find. Not a problem as I can make my own color choices based on the picture. And I've got some silk floss that will substitute nicely for the ribbon.
But if I go with 28 or 32 count fabric, the perspective of the buttons will be off enough to bug me. So I bought a piece of the called-for fabric. Next time, I'll ask to look at the chart before I am sucked into buying the buttons.


Rachel S said...

Lisa, that is really cute! Where did you get the chart?

Gloria said...

Clever way to unstick the mower! Our yard needs mowing but we keep getting rain. I'm not complaining about rain but it would be nice to have a break just long enough to mow.

I'm not a fan of Halloween designs but that is a really cute one.

Cindy F. said...

Good Lord girl!! I don't think there's anything you can't do!!
Glad you got unstuck, cause we don't won't to lose Emma!!

Cute pattern:) I'm not big on buttons either, but I've got a Bent Creek I'm going to do that has them.
Boy....are we changing or what?