Oct 16, 2009

Before dawn cracks...

...tomorrow, I am getting up and heading to Houston with some quilting friends for the Houston Quilt Show.
No. I do not quilt. I quilted a little at one point and learned that I do not want to quilt. However, I love to look at and and drool over other people's quilts. If I were rich and foolish, I'd have a different quilt for our bed for each day of the year and use quilts as wallpaper. (But I am neither.)
Occasionally, a little voice inside of me will say, "C'mon! Look at all the pretty fabrics. Look at the quilts. You can sew. You should start quilting!" Then the sensible and wise side of me pounds the little voice flat.
Yes, I can sew. I don't really enjoy it. I don't enjoy cutting out or piecing quilts. I don't enjoy hand quilting. I don't enjoy blind stitching, so sewing on a binding would be torture. So I enjoy quilts by looking at them instead.
And besides, have you ever seen how much room quilting stash takes up?! And quilters collect different sewing machines with reckless abandon. I don't have room in our little house to be a quilter.
Oh, and the show will have a few needlework (cross stitch) vendors in attendance. :-)

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