Oct 4, 2009

A great Saturday

Yesterday was a great day. I went to Austin for the IH35 Stitchtogether and had a great time! We were missing a few folks, but hope to see them next month.
We had a great time talking and stitching (and frogging). We were having so much fun that I forgot to do my ornament finishing demonstration! Oh well. I can do it next month.
DH was already sitting in the woods in his tree stand when I left, having gone out at about 4:45 a.m. As dawn broke, he reported seeing many deer near his feeder. He was about to draw back and take a shot when something spooked the deer and they all jumped and ran off. So no meat for the freezer during the morning hunt.
As I left Austin, I called DH and he was already in the tree stand for an evening hunt and it was starting to rain. I reported that there was no rain in Austin. However, as I neared Bastrop, it began raining like crazy and for the rest of the drive home, my wipers were on full blast. But I made it safely home (and saw three wrecks on the way). DH gave up on hunting after I spoke to him as it began raining too much for him to see to shoot. So no meat for the freezer during the evening hunt. Maybe next weekend.
I had some leftover cake from the Stitchtogether and gave DH a piece. Emma thought she should have some, too. (Here's another Emma picture for you, Gloria!)


Mary said...

Emma is so cute. She just cracks me up. I hope DH gave her a piece of cake!


Gloria said...

Thank you! Posts with a picture of Emma are my favorite. Seeing Emma always makes me smile.

I hope she got a bite of cake. How could you refuse that sweet face?