Oct 15, 2009

It stopped!

Whee-e-o! The rain stopped! The sun is coming out! It should be out all weekend!
I spent a lot of yesterday driving around trying to find floor tile for the bathroom. I know I said we had already bought some. Actually, we bought what was left of some clearance tile and the tile place said they could order more. We need forty square feet and they only had twenty square feet. It turns out they couldn't get it as it is out of production. Poop.
So instead of hexagonal floor tile, I went to buy plain ol' white floor tile in two-inch squares. Everybody in town was out of it. The poor guy at Home Depot spent at least twenty minutes looking vainly for the 10 boxes that the computer said they had. No joy; the computer lied.
The Lowe's guy said he had just ordered some and should get it in in 3-5 days. Uh huh. We've had experience with Lowe's time estimates.
DH called several tile stores that "don't have it in stock but would be happy to order it" for three times what Lowe's sells it for. *sigh* Sometimes it's a pain to be a tightwad when you're impatient.
I stitched last night and spent a bunch of time counting, muttering, and ultimately frogging. This design has some idiosyncrasies in it that are either mistakes or designer weirdness. But hopefully, I am back on track and the frog will not visit me again for awhile.
Last night, Emma went racing around outside barking at the world and galloped through the puddle that is our entire yard. She got soaked to the skin and DH had to dry her off. Silly dog.


Gloria said...

Emma should have been with at Mom's house. We could have galloped together. Mother's yard is at least ankle deep.
Cute pic of Emma. What are puddles good for if you can't gallop in them? LOL

Hope you can find some tile for the floor. I look forward to seeing more pics of your progress.

Cindy F. said...

Good luck with the floor tile! Sounds like a lot of work!!

I bet Emma had a blast running through the puddles!! Great pic:)