Jul 28, 2009

Day Three of the weekend of plumbing

I haven't stitched since Saturday, and I'm going to remedy that after I finish this post.
DH started out on his day off continuing on with the plumbing. Then, as often happens with DIY jobs, he had to stop working on the plumbing because he needed to do something else first so that he could keep working on the plumbing. ☺
He was setting the flange for the toilet base in the bathroom floor. He decided it would fit better if he went ahead and laid down the Hardi-Backer sheets on the floor. (We are putting in a tile floor, and you have to lay Hardi-Backer or Durock on a wood subfloor before you can lay tile.) But he couldn't lay the Hardi-Backer on the floor until he knew exactly where the edge of the bathtub would be. The only way to know that was to install the Hardi-Backer on the wall surrounding the bathtub and then fit and install the bathtub in place, along with the bathtub plumbing. So he did that. (Yeah, we're getting some of those nasty pink studs covered up.)
He was complaining because he didn't get done what he had planned to get done. I reminded him that progress is progress. Okay, so he hadn't planned on installing the bathtub yet. But it has to get down sometime. In other words, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do something that needs doing.
I spent my time (in between calls to "hold this" or "bring me that" from DH) taking care of a vexing pile. I had an eight-inch high pile of papers that I needed to get filed away. Most of it was warranty and instruction booklets from stuff we've installed or used in the house remodel. I had to reorganize these files anyway and hadn't gotten around to it. But I did this weekend. One more pile gone away!


Cindy F. said...

If we ever have another house built, we're calling you and Kirk!! You guys are doing an awesome job!!

mark said...

Hey, I'm with Cindy. She posted before I did! However, y'all are the ones to call for DIY projects. I admire you and Kirk. Way to go!!

How's the Alamo coming along?