Jul 29, 2009

A quick stitch

I began looking through my finishes this week to find something I could use to demonstrate cube making at our IH35 Stitchtogether on Saturday. I have nothing small enough. (I do have three larger pieces waiting for me to get off my duff and frame - I've even got the frames, foam core board, and glass all ready for them.)
Anyway, I had to come up with a small stitched piece. I guess I could have drawn something on a piece of fabric with a marker, but why go to all the trouble to do something that's not your best work?
So I stitched this little design for DH. I tried to find a nice acorn button, but after searching in Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and JoAnn's Fabrics, I came up empty. I found a nice JABC button at 123 Stitch, but with postage, it would have cost about five bucks. Ain't happening. So I stitched the acorn instead. And now I can go back to backstitching on "The Alamo."
Then I needed some fabric to cover the cube. Camouflage fabric came to mind. I only needed about an 1/8 of a yard and it would cost me about three bucks. And I'd have lots left over. So I bought a bandanna in camouflage for less than a buck.
I'll post a picture of the FF cube after Saturday, before DH takes it up to work for his desk or bench.


Rachel S said...

Looks great.

You're going to laugh, but it took me a moment to figure out what deer nut meant. But then again, I do have a headache.

mark said...


I35 Stitchers (aka Posse..aka Gang) appreciate so much all you're trying to show us. The effort and time you take has NOT gone unnoticed.

Thanks for being such a good teacher. Your instructions are so precise and clear. I, for one, appreciate the frugality in obtaining supplies--meaning your stringent research for the best buy. You are SO GOOD!!!!

Mary (I think Deer Nut can have many meanings...lol)

Cindy F. said...

Cute! Can't wait for our class!
and once again, how smart of you to think of buying a bandanna to cut up:)

Thanks Lisa for your wonderful attention to detail and the time you take to put together our awesome classes!!