Jul 2, 2009

I was speechless

This morning, as I ate my morning oatmeal (with blueberries!), I perused various blogs and message boards. I was shocked to read of something that happened to a lady in today's modern and so-called enlightened and tolerant age.
This lady, a fellow cross stitcher, had a car wreck in the last year and the accident left her in a wheelchair permanently. She is understandably still getting used to her changed life. So in an effort to meet people and do something she enjoys, she set out to join a local crafters group. She had received a flier in the mail inviting one and all to this "friendly group."
It was anything but. When she arrived, the main doors of the building were locked, so she had to wheel around to the side door and knock until she got someone's attention. When a "person" answered the door, she asked if they could open the main door so she could come in and join the craft group. She was told in a real condescending tone of voice that the "special people's group doesn't start until this afternoon." She said that she was aware of that but as she had no mental deficiency, only a physical one, she would like to join the friendly craft group. Basically, the other "people" in the group came over and they all told her to come back later as she'd be more comfortable in the other group with her "own kind."
At this point, the stitching lady told them off and left. These "people" laughed at and made fun of her as she went back to her car.
They messed with the wrong gal. She went home and contacted the proper authorities (she lives in Australia), and things happened quickly. The group was banned from the public building pending investigation and criminal charges may be brought against them for discrimination.
Good grief! Too bad she doesn't live in Texas near the IH35 Stitchers; we'd love to have her. We're a diverse group, but we all stitch. And one of us uses a walker or scooter sometimes and I'm hard-of-hearing. Most of us are a little on the looney side at times. But we all stitch. And we have manners. I didn't think "people" like that group existed in today's society. Land sakes.
I'll leave you with a picture of a redneck fire alarm.


mark said...

I read that too and was speechless. Thank goodness she had the fortitude to do something about it. I was livid!

Um...now about us I35 stitchers being looney...ahem. We just like to enjoy what life throws at us anyway we can...."snicker"

Oh, by the way, I broke my foot AGAIN!!!!!


Daffycat said...

There is a reason I'm not God. There would be very few people left in the world, otherwise!

***giggle*** Love the fire alarm!

Cindy F. said...

Stuff like that really ruffles my tail feathers!! Wow! The ignorance!

oh, and I'm stoopid;), but ya'll still let me come and stitch with you!!

Nice fire alarm! Can you get those with butter?

Lisa said...

That is horrible. I can't believe that anyone, in this day & age, would do that to another human being. Good for her for standing up for herself! Many Kudos!!!

I am luvin' the Redneck Fire Alarm...LOL!

Have a good weekend!