Jul 21, 2009

Lost socks and frogs

Recently, I was flummoxed because one of DH's socks disappeared during the laundry process. I never lose socks. Maybe it's because there are only two of us to do laundry for. Maybe it's because we're anal about only having just enough socks but not too many. I don't know. But in 21+ years of marriage, I have never lost a sock...until last month.
One of DH's khaki socks turned up missing. I looked everywhere for it. I did subsequent loads of laundry hoping it would turn up. It didn't. Then yesterday, DH came home with the missing sock in his lunchbox. (Hey, it's HIS lunchbox. If he wants to stick a dirty sock in there, then more power to him.)
Anyway, when he was changing from work clothes to softball clothes for a right-after-work game recently, he accidentally left it behind at work in the unused storage room where he changes clothes. When he went in the room on Monday to look for something, he found the missing sock. My record of never having lost a sock in the laundry process is safe!
A note from my stitching chair: I spent last night entertaining the frog. I frogged and then restitched for an hour and a half. I'm stitching "The Alamo" over two and found out I was off by one. And of course, I was using DMC 3371 so I had to work really hard to get rid of the floss ghosts. Hopefully, the little green nuisance has found someone else to bother today and I'll be frog-free when I stitch later.


kimstitch3 said...

Bless your heart, I hate to frog, it is soo aggrivating and then to see where it was before you ripped. Take care, tell the from to vamoose.Kimberly

Cindy F. said...

HA!! Girl! You crack me up!!
I am sooo relieved to hear your reputation is still in tact! I almost fell out of my chair reading dh had that dirty sock in his lunch box!!...lol...too funny!!

Sorry about the frogs. I like how you wished them to go to someone else!..lol....NOT ME PLEASE!!!