Jul 4, 2009

Leaves of three...

We had grand plans for this weekend. Billy was supposed to come out Friday and he and DH were going to finish the trim painting on the addition. It didn't happen.
Last week, DH happily put up his new tree stand. He did not plan ahead and go out and kill the poison ivy growing on and around his preferred tree with Round Up a couple of weeks before putting up the stand (like his wife counseled him to do). He wound up with a raging case of poison ivy and had to go to the doctor for a shot and a round of Prednisone, in addition to the topical treatments he was already using.
Due to the poison ivy, DH did not want to do anything outside in the heat - understandable - so he canceled having Billy come out. So then he was going to work on the new bathroom in the house out of the heat. But the Prednisone made him feel bad. So that didn't happen either.
He did rally enough to take me into town for some Shakes frozen custard.
And he did throw the ball for Emma. Here is her reaction when asked, "Do you want to throw your ball?"
Here she is waiting for DH to pick up the ball with the Chuck-It and throw it. The Chuck-It is a handy-dandy invention that grabs the ball so you can throw it without getting dog slobber all over your hands.
Happy Fourth of July!


Lynn D said...

Bless your DH's heart! My sister worked in her yard this week and had to see the doctor, too. She hasn't had a reaction before this. My mother is very allergic to it, too. I (touch wood) haven't had a reaction... yet.

Emma is adorable.

Gloria said...

Poison ivy is horrible. I hope your DH is feeling some relief now. Maybe next time he will heed your wise counsel.

Love the pictures of Emma! My favorite blog posts are the ones with pictures of Emma.

Cindy F. said...

Oh NO!!! Poison ivy!! That's not fun at all! Hope dh feels better very soon!

Emma is just the cutest little puppy girl!! So much personality in that sweet face of hers! I wondered what the purpose in the chuck-it was.....we need one cause the dog slobber gets annoying!

Rachel S said...

So sorry to hear that about your husband. OUUUCCCCCHHHHH. At least he is on the mend. When they want ice cream, they're getting better. Emma looks so happy! Good to know she had a lovely 4th.