Jul 15, 2009


While I love summer, I haven't liked this pressure system that has been sitting over south central Texas for several weeks. It is playing havoc with my sinuses. Not to mention the fact that it has been very hot and we've had no rain. Very hot to a south central Texan is 100+ degrees with a heat index of over 115+ degrees. Yep, we're sweatin' heavy down here.
A note from my stitching chair: I'm cruising along on "The Alamo." This has been a really fun stitch.
I enjoy getting catalogs in the mail. I like looking through them. Lately, the only one in our house getting catalogs is DH. He's been getting tons of hunting catalogs.
I liked to have died laughing last night as he perused one of them. He described these roll-on scent masking products. You can mask your human scent (so the critters you're hunting can't smell you) with one of these fine scents: Herd in a Stick (deer), Bear Bait in a Stick, Rutting Boar in a Stick, and lastly, Estrus Sow in a Stick. DH wasn't sure about where you're supposed to rub these. I told him if he rubbed them under his arms, I was moving out. ☺ Man toys are very weird.
Here's a story from the "Now I've heard everything!" category. I came across this on the 123MB this morning. A lady and her DH were dining out at an upscale restaurant. A young couple with a baby had the table next to them. While the mother went to the restroom, the dad changed the baby's diaper ON THE DINNER TABLE OUT IN FRONT OF GOD AND EVERYBODY and then took the dirty diaper through the restaurant to dispose of it near the kitchen. Goodness gracious and heavens to betsy! What in the world was he thinking????!!!!!! Unbelievable!
I am vexed today because I have piles of stuff that need homes in my house. DH needs to build me some cabinetry to hold them. If I whine to him, he'll want to make it all better and build them. If he builds them now, the new bathroom won't get worked on. We can't put in the HVAC until the new bathroom is finished; I don't want to have to live through another winter of heating this house with space heaters. So I'll keep my whining to myself and on my blog. DH doesn't read my blog; he can barely turn on a computer unassisted, probably because he doesn't think a computer is a power tool. ☺


Lynn D said...

I ended up looking up prednisone before I published my post because I knew you might read it. I added the part about it being the internet because so many people use that as a defense for bad spelling. I wasn't lazy then but I can be at times. Knowing you are out there makes me try harder to have correct spelling. I thank you for that and for reading my blog. I like knowing you are out there.

Rachel S said...

They do have wierd toys. But then again, I had to explain a laying tool.

I have been seeing about you guys' weather on TV. Praying for relief for you.

I thought that post was nasty about the diaper. The manager should have said something. I don't want to see a dirty diaper while I'm eating.

mark said...

Man, I positively would have spoken up when the guy started changing the diaper. No way would I have sat there and "taken it". But hey...that's just me.

Yea, man toys can get a little weird and expensive! Ask me about Mark's hobby. Ours is cheap compared to theirs.

Hope everything gets taken care of so ya don't have to resort to space heaters this winter. Um...winter??? What's that??!! All I know is that we're breaking records with the 3 digits!!


Daffycat said...

It's been 10 days over 100 here too. I'm so tired of this oppressive weather.

You can live without your storage...just think how nice that furnace will be this winter. If it ever gets here...

Dani - tkdchick said...

I hope things cool down for you! And send a little of that heat up north! We've had no summer so far up here in Canada. Its been very cool and wet! (like jeans and a hoodie cool!)

Cindy F. said...

HA! ROFLMAO!!!! Wonder if your dh used some of those nice smelling roll-ons, if the animals would just walk up to him! Bear Bait? That's scary!!
I like catalogs too and my dh gets the most here also....cars, trucks, tools....not good bathroom reading!
OK, the diaper story is disgusting. That would really disturb me...it ranks worse than the people blowing AND digging their noses at the table!
I hope your bathroom gets finished before the Jan. cold comes through:) The space heaters scare me!