Jul 13, 2009

A good weekend

The IH35 Stitchtogether on Saturday was loads of fun. We had our largest group yet in attendance -15 people! We had four new ladies, and Karen's DH hung out with us and he is a stitcher, too!
I spent a small part of the day doing a framing demonstration. I had my box of framing tools with me and showed everyone how to use them (and told everyone where to get them cheap). Later, DH showed Cindy's and Karen's DH's some of the finer points of frame assembly using man tools that he brought along.
We had lots of great food. Mary, our resident organic gardener, brought some of her bumper crop of "mutant" cherry tomatoes. DH and I brought some home and I ate a bowlful of them like grapes. There's nothing like a home-grown tomato for flavor.
And I got in a lot of stitching time this weekend, so I've made a lot of progress on "The Alamo." I've got a bush to finish on the left side, and then a big tree on right side needs stitching before I begin backstitching everything.


Lisa said...

I had the privilege of doing a stitchers get together over the weekend, too. There is nothing like that...or garden fresh tomatoes - yum! The Alamo is wonderful looking - lots of hardwork has gone into that and it shows.
Take care!

mark said...

Wow..you're really coming along on
"The Alamo". It's look good. Now, this is a present for me right???!!!

I'm glad you liked the tomatoes. Mutant...sounds about right...lol.


Cindy F. said...

Alamo is beautiful!! I was talking so much Sat. I didn't even see this!
Awesome progress!

We really enjoyed Sat. with you guys! What a great attendance and the classes were awesome! Thank you Lisa and Kirk for teaching us the framing techniques! DH and I are definitely going to use your shopping ideas and framing instructions and try to make our own! Maters are de-lish!! (thank you Mary!!) and that chicken salad was sooo good! (thank you Dorothy!)

Mary Ivancicts said...
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Mary Ivancicts said...

"The Alamo" Looks great!