Jul 19, 2009

Painting finished

Well, the weather cooperated. It didn't rain (although we'd want it to; we're dry as a bone here) like it was threatening to, and the high was only 95 degrees yesterday.
Billy was here to help DH finish the trim painting on the addition. Or rather, DH helped Billy finish the trim painting. Billy relegated DH to painting the straight boards with no cutting-in after realizing that DH cut-in only one linear foot of eave while he cut-in over 20 linear feet. Billy is much faster at cutting-in than DH. They were finished by noon.
After they cleaned up and I fed them lunch, they traipsed off into the woods to look at DH's new tree stand and the deer corn feeder. Then they came back to the house and made vast inroads into a plate of my brownies.
In between kitchen duties and making sure the guys were properly watered and Gatoraded, I did get to stitch a bit. I'll post a picture later this week.


Rachel S said...

Looks great.

Keep cool.

We haven't had real rain here in at least 3 weeks. I would like a thunderstorm. It's summer, after all.

Cindy F. said...

How exciting! It's looking like a brand new, built from scratch house!! Hey, it pretty much is!!
Good job fellas!!!

...did you say brownies????

oh we did get about 10 mins. of rain this weekend! Thank goodness!! Hope you get some soon:)

Gloria said...

Very nice! I enjoy watching your progress on the house.

Maybe we can get Cindy to demonstrate her rain dance at one of our IH35 meetings.