Jul 25, 2009

Your bathroom and your roof are connected

Some of you have commented that my "country" post is in a very small font. I've tried to fix it, it shows up fine on my computer, but I expect it is some weird html thing that is currently beyond me.
Well, I could have gone to a fun stitching day at my "local" LNS (two+ hours away in Austin), but I opted to stay home with DH while he works on the new bathroom. He's taking Monday off as he really wants to get a lot done on it and "get past the plumbing work."
My job is to make sure he is fed and Gatoraded. DH tends to get so intense on working that he forgets to eat and drink. He gets dehydrated and then wonders why he's starting to feel bad. Men.
And yes, I'll stitch off and on.
I really can't do much to help right now; my part will come later when we get to the painting and finish work. However, I am often called upon to be a third hand. This morning, I stood on a ladder and guided a plumbing pipe as DH stabbed another pipe into it while on the roof. And I've held stuff in the right place or out of the way. I'm good at that. ☺
And we may have to go to town for another toilet. I bought one last summer for the new bathroom. But we ended up using it in the old bathroom to replace the existing toilet that had a crack in the bowl and was leaking.
DH spent the morning drilling a hole in the roof for the bathroom vent pipe, then stabbing the pipe down and installing flashing around it. He is currently running more pipe inside the walls. I think he is getting high on PVC pipe glue. I want him to get the plumbing done so we can hang the rest of the sheetrock and cover up those hideous pink studs!


Rachel S said...

Sometimes the best way we can help is to keep the gatorade flowing!

Gloria said...

We missed you yesterday but understand that you were needed at home. Men should never be allowed to work unsupervised. :)

Hope you get past the plumbing this weekend.

LoriRay said...

Personally, I vote that you should let your 3C side out every now and then. *hee hee* Then again, I'm hardly around enough to see it myself so you'd have to copy and paste it into an e-mail for me to see. LOL

Men. 'Nuff said. *mwah hahahaha* But seriously...I hope it all went well for you both. Was there a new commode in your future after all?

LOVE your Alamo! :)))

Cindy F. said...

We really, really, really missed you Saturday Lisa!! You are such a good wife:)
Those really are some PINK studs!! Pretty:)