Jul 26, 2009

Day Two of the weekend of plumbing

DH spent part of the day up in the "attic space" above the addition putting in more insulation. He had to take a piece of sheetrock down off the bathroom ceiling anyway for the plumbing vent and figured he ought to add more insulation up there before he put the sheetrock back up.
The attic space above the addition is very shallow and poor DH says he will have lots of bruises from clambering around on hands, knees, and belly. The shallow roof is another result of our bad contractor. May Mary Malloy and her nine blind children follow that man around until the day of his death singing "Feelings" off key and at the top of their lungs while beating on bongo drums off beat. And may they all step on his heels a lot, too.
We did end up making a trip to Lowe's yesterday for a toilet as apparently having the actual toilet makes plumbing planning easier. Now I have a toilet sitting on my porch. Oh well. Hopefully it won't sit out there long.
DH cut the hole for the toilet sewer pipe in the floor. Emma had to investigate it thoroughly as only she can.


kimstitch3 said...

that is such a cute pic of Emma, it had me laughing.lol. too funny. take care, i hope all your plumbing woes get taken care of soon. Love and stitches,Kimberly

mark said...

I'm thinking Emma is a "camera hound"...lol. That was way too cute.

I love looking at the progress on the house. Y'all are really coming along.


Gloria said...

I'm glad to see that Inspector Emma is still on the job. I hope she is well compensated for her hard work.

Cindy F. said...

HA!! OMG! That is just too darn cute of Emma!! You should enter that pic in the reader's digest or some mag!
She has so much personality!!
Toilet on the front porch...lmao!! Good thing you don't live on the main road, cause people would probably ask to use it!