Apr 8, 2008

Ah ha! I finally found it!

DH and I (and the rest of the family) will be welcoming a new nephew sometime in late June or early July. I've been looking around for just the right cross-stitch birth announcement to do for him. And today, I found it! It's "Baby Boy," a Heritage Stitchcraft pattern from a Margaret Sherry painting of a teddy bear. I love her patterns, especially her cats! Here's a picture of it, and it's on sale today at 123 Stitch.

I stitched Dimension's "Sweet Ducky Birth Record" for this child's older brother and wanted to find something similar, but not the same. Cutesy and kiddish, even though I usually don't like to stitch cutesy and kiddish. But hey! This is for a new nephew! He's family! The ducky pattern can be found at Dimensions. I don't have a picture of the one I stitched as I did it before I took pictures of my finishes and before I had a digital camera. This one is a kit and comes with the mat.

And no, I won't start it until after he arrives. His older brother didn't get his until he was darn near close to a year old!


Carolyn said...

Lisa, how adorable! Howdy from a fellow Texan. I'd love to have you come on over and visit my blog sometime, too. Us Texas gals have to stick together....well, we'll let LoriRay in, even though she lives in OK. She USED to live in Texas!

Carolyn :)

LoneStar said...

Howdy Carolyn! I love reading stitching blogs, especially if they're Texas-flavored! What's the name of your blog? And I know LoriRay is REALLY a Texan - her mom is in the same stitching group I am. I hear all the good "When LoriRay was a kid" stories.
Liasa (Texan)