Apr 22, 2008

Moving on down the road

DH and I will soon be moving farther out into the country. This will be our twelfth move in 20+ years of marriage. We've been renting a house since we moved here for nearly two and half years, patiently (and not so patiently) looking for just the right home/land combination to thrill our tightwad hearts and pocketbooks. We found it a couple of weeks ago.
Way out in the country, surrounded by pastures with cattle, a long driveway off a dirt road, quarter mile to the mailbox, six acres, pond, trees, DEER, nice little fixer-upper house: perfect! The house is sturdily built, but needs updating. It spent most of its life as a recreational cabin. DH and I are looking forward to all the DIY projects that await us!
I'll post pictures off and on as we progress. Standing at the gate to enter our property, here is the top third of our driveway back down to the main road:


Rachel S said...

That looks great already! Can't wait to see progress photos.

CraftyT said...

Congratulations.I look forward to seeing pictures.
We just bought our first home last year with some land.It is wonderful.