Apr 7, 2008

Knicker Knotter #1

What's a knicker knotter? It's something that annoys you or gets your "knickers in a knot."
Tonight, DH and I decided to eat out for dinner. We usually do so about once a month. After being seated and getting our drink order taken, I soon noticed that DH and I were having to shout at one another in order to carry on a conversation. Yes, the music in the restaurant was THAT LOUD!
Why in the world to restaurants do that?! And it's not just restaurants, a lot of retail stores crank up the music really loud, too. Often, I walk into a store and turn off my hearing aids as it's the only way I can stand to be in there to do any shopping for any length of time. FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!! TURN IT DOWN, WILL YOU?!!

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