Apr 26, 2008

The long and the short of it.

DH and I made the two hour drive to Houston, Texas yesterday to visit Lumber Liquidators as they were having a clearance sale on flooring. We needed flooring for our "new" house. We've laid two wood floors in the past and the flooring we've bought previously came in four- or five-foot long boxes. So we felt confident in driving our VW Jetta as it gets much better gas mileage than Old Faithful the '88 Chevy truck; we were sure we could get 350 square feet of flooring into the Jetta.
Wrong, banana breath.
The flooring we chose came in seven-foot boxes and would not, could not fit in the Jetta. So, we either had to drive back on Monday in Old Faithful or have the flooring shipped. We had it shipped. All in all, about a forty dollar mistake. *slaps forehead*
But as we were near enough to 3 Stitches, I stopped for some S.E.X. and blew my stash budget for the month. Oh well. I got two Redbird Designs, some silk and some wool floss, and a pack of beads I needed.

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becca said...

I recently found your blog. I can't remember how. But I have enjoyed reading it. Hope to see some more of that stocking soon.