Apr 5, 2008

April edition of the IH35 Stitchtogether

Sorry, no pictures. None of us remembered to bring a camera today. But we had myself, Lynn, Mel, Marilyn, Diane, Christina, and Amy (with her new little son, Salvador) in attendance. Salvador was by far the cutest one there. We stitched, and grazed, and stitched, and nibbled. I gave a lesson on framing. DH wandered in just before quitting time to graze from the food table (as is his custom) after spending his day checking out hunting stuff at Cabela's and Academy.

Let's see, I was working on filling in a border on my PS Country Seasons bellpull, Lynn was working on a Nouveau Encore anniversary sampler for her parents, Diane was working on a "redwork" embroidery piece, Marilyn was crocheting quilts for her grandchildren, Mel was stitching one of those French cows (the Texas flag) for a round robin, Amy kept Salvador happy and fed and we all got to smile and go, "Awww..." at a beautiful sleeping baby, and Christina was working on a SanMan pattern for her soon-to-be-arriving baby. It was a good day! *Note: stitching did actually occur at this stitcher's meeting.

On the drive to Austin, I enjoyed seeing my very favorite flower of all time, the Texas Bluebonnet, a wildflower that grows along highways and in pastures this time of year. They are simply stunning. Below is a bluebonnet picture taken by a fellow Texan and stitching buddy, Shannon. She was driving along a local Texas highway and stopped and took several great pictures. The photos are displayed in her Photobucket album, and she graciously allowed all who desired to save any of them for their own personal use. The orange flowers are Indian Paintbrushes, also a wildflower.

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LoriRay said...

One of these days, I'm going to surprise y'all and show up at one of those meetings. *hee hee* :)