Apr 14, 2008

A crusty situation

Yes, I know this is "mostly" a stitching blog. I promise to post a picture of my February boot tomorrow as I should be able to get a lot of stitching done tonight. But today I'm posting another picture of my cute and goofy dog.
I had leftover pizza for lunch. Emma loves pizza crusts. We usually only give her a tiny bite which she gobbles down immediately. Occasionally, it's fun to give her a whole piece-of-pizza crust. She is always puzzled about what to do with it. She wanders around with it in her mouth all around the house looking for a "safe" place to hide it. She will try to "bury" it on the couch under a cushion. She will then rescue it and try to "bury" it on her dog bed. Eventually, she will really bury it outside. At some point during the day, she will come prancing into the house with a dirt-covered crust. I will take it from her and wash it off, and then she'll settle down and eat it. Silly jert.

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