Apr 13, 2008

Another tightwad triumph!

For over a year now, DH and I have known that our 17+ year old refrigerator is on its last legs. It makes a clunking and grinding noise when the compressor comes on. It has too cold spots inside and the vegetable drawers are always too cold and dry. The door seal is going. The ice maker died last year.

Last week, I spent several hours on the Internet researching refrigerator features and prices. I made a list of our top three models based on the features and prices from my research. Yesterday, DH thought it might be a good idea for us to hit appliance stores and check out local models and prices.

On a whim, we stopped by Best Buy. In the past, we have never found a bargain or an appliance there that we liked. But today, they had a clearance on floor models. We found the second model on our list at $200.00 off! And the optional ice maker was on clearance also! Another tightwad triumph!


CraftyT said...

WooHoo. Congratulations on a great find. We are on the hunt for a fridge for our new house. Hope to find a great one on a budget.
What kind did you go with?

LoneStar said...

Hi Natasha! We like bottom-mount freezers with doors, not drawers, and there are only a few companies that manufacture those. Our old fridge is an Amana. That was our first choice. LG was our second choice and that's what we got. The LG comes in two sizes and we went with the smaller one as it is just DH and I. Lisa (Texan)